Bright and rare, gold has always enjoyed a very special place on ancient dining tables. It was used for good fortune decorations, as an ingredient signifying wealth and luxury, and as votive food, intended as an offering. Gold today is a key ingredient in fusion cuisine: in étoilée cuisine, for example, it is a design element highlighting creativity through a perfection of shapes and colors, thus turning every single dish into a precious, almost untouchable idea, to be contemplated like an original gem, rather than being tasted. Sparkling edible 23 K gold flakes glimmer through the yellow olive oil and turn the Auleum cruet into a purely shining picture encompassing Italian light and its magnificent art.


Auleum gold has been selected by Manetti, market leader in edible gold.
With a neutral taste, it has no health side-effects, and has been awarded with several quality certifications, namely:

Factory License
Technical Sheet
Edible Gold TUV Certificate