Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taggiasca olive is a unique, small, and tasty olive. Originally grown on the Lérins Islands in the South of France, this cultivar became typical of Liguria, where it found its most propitious habitat. We have choosen Taggiasche olives from ancient olive trees located at 350 meters above sea level, in between the provinces of Imperia and Savona. Here, on the hills rising above the Mediterranean sea, the olive groves are pleasantly exposed to the sea breeze, but sheltered from the more humid coastal climate.
Auleum contains single cultivar extra virgin olive oil extracted from Taggiasche olives: all the olives, after being picked according to the traditional method used by this oil-mill, are accurately and slowly pressed with stone mills. Oil is exclusively obtained through a cold pressed method. This is the only way to preserve the delicate and unique North Mediterranean fragrance and its typical sweet notes, which perfectly blend in the mouth with some bitter and spicy taste, reminiscent of almond, artichoke, and pine-kernel aromas.
A delicate balance obtained by artisanal craft, based on an accurate selection of olive trees and their fruits to become Auleum.

Organoleptic Properties

The color nuances of the extra-virgin olive oil contained in Auleum range from yellow-green to yellow. 
Acidity and peroxides are the main parameters used to assess the quality of extra-virgin olive oil. 
Auleum extra-virgin olive oil has a total acidity beneath 0.4g/100gr and less than 11 Meq O2/Kg peroxide value.

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