Ceramic pottery

Visiting Fabbrica Manifatturiera di Tullio Mazzotti in Albisola, Liguria, Italy, is by itself an awesome experience. Awesome is the building dated from 1930s with its unique Futuristic elements and its garden, a masterpiece in itself. Awesome are the perfectly stacked plaster casts, and the many different colors – actually colors are everywhere – , and a stubborn Sansevieria growing out of the concrete floor. Here you will find the hot, always fired kilns; and the catalogue items ready for sale, as well as the customized earthenware filling large storerooms, just like the long row of painted and multicolored oversize tiles ready to be shipped to Paris. Tullio Mazzotti – named after his great-uncle, who brought all the leading Futuristic artists, led by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, to Albisola – tells us how ceramic pottery can turn into art proper. He also tells us about the history, beauty, and life contained in these items created with a pliable material so gently modeled by this artist’s hands. In his workshop near the sea, Tullio tells us about a simple stopper becoming a single, unique item in a one-of-a-kind collection: Icon 2016

Auleum: the Artist’s Words

"Ceramic pottery is a way to express contemporary art, it is a noble material and the potter is a sculptor. 
Only here in Albisola is this pottery produced. Nowhere else in the world is such a history to be found”

Tullio Mazzotti, Ceramic Pottery Master and Artist, Albisola, Italy