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The enchanted journey of Auleum in Vietnam

Symbol of a new concept of food stylist, Auleum interprets new trends in the luxury world; the refinement and the charm that distinguish it, make Auleum an authentic object of desire. The magical charm of edible 23 k gold, did not leave indifferent many Asian countries. Among them, Vietnam has become the main fertile soil in which the seed of pure desire has been cultivated. The enfant prodige of Italian luxury has passed the threshold of Ho Chi Min, capital of the Vietnamese state, where the Rêverie Saigon Hotel host the wonderful "Romeo and Juliet", expertly guided by the starred chefs Enrico De Martino and Giovanni Parrella. The two chefs chose to take advantage of the alchemies of Auleum, jealously boasting - almost as if it were a magical case - its secrets. Set in its stupendous ampoule, it proudly exhibits its Mazzotti ceramics and the highly esteemed Icon toppers, created by hand. It deceives us by persuading us to complete a journey in which flavors, luxury, delicacy, taste, come together to create a new essence of luxury food. Choosing Auleum, for the Romeo and Juliet of Ho Chi Minh, means being able to present to its guests, authentic food and wine itineraries, in which gold oil is the absolute protagonist, reinventing traditional Italian dishes. In conclusion, considering Auleum a vehicle of traditions, means knowing how to act as a spokesman for trends, dreams and knowledge of apparently distant worlds but inextricably close.

Milano Fashion Week 2018: Auleum luxury brand lit up Good Style Magazine Cocktail Party

On Wednesday September 19th, among the opening events of the Milan Fashion Week 2018, the exclusive "About a Woman" Cocktail Party was held in the enchanting setting of the Principe di Savoia Hotel, organized by the prestigious luxury magazine Good Style Magazine.
The Golden Oil lit up the party with its precious ampoules in which danced its 23K gold flakes, attracting the attention of the guests and sparkling in the clear light of the finest Ligurian Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil.
The cocktail party was also an opportunity to show the selected public invited not only the uniqueness and beauty of the Auleum, but also the perfect organoleptic qualities of the Golden Oil able to enhance and embellish every culinary creation making it unique. On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, the Golden Auleum Oil was accompanied and presented to guests by international brand ambassadors from the Middle East, Russia, Vietnam, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, underlining its iconic popularity appreciated all over the world.
Among the luxury brands present at the event, Lamborghini, Maserati and the Genoese digital communication laboratory SPX Lab, which organized an evocative haute couture fashion show during which the models were accompanied by the dreamy voice of the actress Lisa Galantini, showing the magic mirror Mirò, their last creation.
Auleum is pleased of having been part of this exclusive and international event, joined by unique luxury brands in its sector.

Auleum, emblem of Italianity at the Venice Carnival

On February 2nd, in the precious context of Cà Sagredo, 5 Star Hotel overlooking the beautiful Grand Canal, was held the prestigious Cocktail Party with selected guests such as Marchesi Antinori and the fashion designer Anita Pastzor.
The Golden Oil was partner of the event together with SPX Lab and the luxury trend magazine Goodstyle Magazine, to embody the Italian essence in the sumptuous and folkloristic atmosphere of the Venice Carnival, an event that enhanced the perfect alchemy between tradition and luxury, core value of Auleum. On stage, in addition to the bottle of the Golden Oil, there was the elegant collection of hand-painted ceramic caps, Icon; production of the famous Giuseppe Mazzotti Artisan Factory of Albisola.
The rich furnishings of Cà Sagredo, the refined atmosphere of the Carnival known all over the world and the uniqueness romance of the city of Venice were elements which perfectly combined with the inner nature of Auleum, emblem of the prestige Made in Italy.

The Golden Oil is conquering foreign markets

2018 is going to be a great year for Auleum: the precious product icon of Italian excellence, will be the protagonist of prestigious events in the national and international scene, important participations which confirm the growth of the symbol of Made in Italy. On February 2nd 2018 the symbol of elegance will be in Venice to embellish the sumptuous atmosphere of the carnival, in June it will be in the sophisticated setting of Portofino and next September in France at the Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yatch Show events.
The success in the Southeast Asian market, a territory explored since last October 2017 following the launch at the Gold Experience Event, continues to grow. Auleum is confirmed as a symbol of 100% Italian tradition, a characteristic that has intrigued the United Arab Emirates, destination of the Golden Oil in the coming months.
The expansion in the markets of non-EU countries is the goal around which the commercial policy of Auleum unfolds in 2018, as well as its role as ambassador of quality and refinement of Italian origin throughout the world.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Auleum wishes you happy holidays, hoping they will be golden and sparkling and might the new year be full of shining beauty.


The excellence made in Italy at the Lusben Xmas Party

Auleum had a new opportunity to embody the essence of beauty and luxury made in Italy, during the Xmas Party of Lusben held in Livorno on December 14th. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful yatchs in the world, at the Benetti Shipyards, it's been been staged the celebration of technology of the highest quality and the italian innovation. The evening, enlivened by a magical Christmas atmosphere, hosted Auleum, the monocultivar oil of Taggiasca with golden flakes on Tabi, the advanced surface that recognizes objects by just touching them, attracting the curiosity of the over over 200 entrepreneurs, shipowners, captains and illustrious guests at the event. The golden oil has found in Lusben a partner with whom it shares the preciousness of a unique know-how and the opportunity to overlook on a new market which demands uniqueness, value and wonder, characteristics of which Auleum and Tabi are obviously ambassadors.


Auleum, great success in Vietnam

The Gold Experience Event, held last October 19 in Hanoi, Vietnam, was the international stage from which the Gold Oil was launched to conquer South East Asian markets.
On this occasion, Auleum was ambassador of excellence Made in Italy, promoter of the italian region Liguria, which has brought some of its most precious expressions overseas: extra virgin monocultivar oil of taggiasca, ceramics of Albisola and Ta.Bi , the interactive table - realized by SPX Lab, a Genoa laboratory - an innovative communication tool to present Auleum.
In the luxurious location of PT Casa, recognized in the country as one of the most prominent design and furnishing companies, Italy and its desired and envided style, took the stage, made up of genius, unique products and creative generosity.
For this occasion, a fundraising was organized in favor of Orange Initiatives, the Association that deals with the victims of the Orange Agent. A part of the proceeds of the Gala evening were allocated to the association, as a central goal for this Auleum trip to Asia.
The interest for the event of the Italian Embassy, ​​the Italian Chamber of Commerce and some of the characters of the Vietnam Vip scene has attracted the attention of the press that dedicated a service on its national news channel.
To watch the video, press here.

Auleum, the Golden Olive Oil is landing in Vietnam

Auleum, the luxurious and rare Ligurian extra virgin olive oil, embellished with 23k gold and artistic elements, will be presented by two of its founders Rosella Scalone, the President and Dolphin Riva on October 19 during the Gold Experience Event in Hanoi. In Genoa, at the SPX Lab's showroom, the first official meeting was held between the ownership of the two companies, Mega3 and PT Casa. The Gold Experience Event will be a tribute to Italian beauty and elegance. At the same time it will be an opportunity to present in Vietnam the luxury experience Made in Italy made of, design, cooking and wine creating a new and close business relationships in Asia.

Jack Savoretti gets to taste Auleum at Villa Migone, on Aprile 25th

On April 25, Italy’s Liberation Day, Pop Star Jack Savoretti celebrated his grandfather’s memory at Villa Migone, Genoa, where he also tasted Auleum the Gold Oil, and a perfect symbol of unique and unparalleled Liguria, the singer’s birth region for ever cherished by him.
Savoretti, who put on hold his tour to attend the event, is the grandchild of Giovanni Savoretti, the Genoa born partisan physician who, 72 years ago, was one of the signatories of the historical surrender of the German forces to the National Liberation Committee.
Genoa’s Mayor Marco Doria also attended the celebration, together with several leading local authorities, several descendants of the original signatories, the young English Pop Star, and Chef Alberto Nicoli. The latter served a buffet celebrating April 25 inspired by some typical Ligurian food products, and using a unique and highly precious ingredient: Auleum.
The Gold Oil – much appreciated by the pop star – with his golden drops sealed everybody’s memory of such an important day.

Zeffirino with Auleum: Ligurian Delights

Zeffirino  – the historic and most elegant restaurant in Genoa –  has named one of his dishes after Frank Sinatra, who used to order Genoese pesto from Zeffirino Belloni. Dishes prepared in the restaurant kitchen have been served to Popes, and VIPs like Gorbachev and many star system celebrities, who since 1939 have eaten at this sanctuary of Ligurian gourmet cuisine. For almost a century, Zeffirino has been an ambassador of Italian cuisine in the world. South-Korean automaker Hyundai have chosen it for the presentation of their latest flagship car to 20 Russian journalists.

Auleum is the extra-virgin oil from monocultivar Taggiasca olives with golden flakes. It is preserved in a diamond-shaped bottle made even more precious by an Albissola majolica stopper hand-painted by Tullio Mazzotti: a luxury version of Mediterranean tradition, much appreciated in Russian, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. On the 22nd March 2017, this unique combination of excellence welcomed a Russian press delegation to Genoa. Auleum was presented on the exquisite dishes served to the guests. The Chefs completed their culinary creations by adding this precious ingredient to their dishes directly in front of their guests for a greater, much appreciated scenographic effect.

Auleum at the Court of Princes

Auleum was awarded as First Price at the Charity Lottery held in Monte-Carlo, on Saturday 14th January 2017 and organized by the association Amitié Sans Frontieres based in the Principality of Monaco and chaired by Prince Albert. The Gala event was an opportunity for the over 200 guests to show their generosity in perfect line with the Values of Justice, Tolerance, and Friendship promoted by the association founded by Mme Regine Vardon in 1991. The charitable event meets the goals set by the United Nations for 2017: namely, to help world populations who live in emergency conditions, and, among them, the victims of the earthquakes in central Italy. Auleum, a real symbol of Made In Italy, was presented to the winner by Ms Rosella Scalone Managing Director of Mega3, who attended the event along with some other partners. She expressed her pride of being able to contribute to the Association’s humanitarian goals with the beauty of the Gold Oil.

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